Thursday, July 10, 2008

Storm Hawks

Imagine Sky Knights whose motorcycles transform into x-winged jet fighters and who use energy swords for sky-fu battles against flying sharks, sentient dinosaurs, and the transforming-jet-fighter-borne legions of a dark queen, in a world where verdant mountaintop kingdoms rear above lava-monster-infested wastelands, steampunk technology runs on energy crystals and, er, actual steam, and life is constantly punctuated by dogfights and wisecracks, all rendered in anime-style 3D.

That's Storm Hawks.

It's like someone took a seine haul through my subconscious when I was 10, looked at the resulting mess, and said, "What the heck, this might be good TV. Let's dump it in a nuclear reactor and turn it up to 11!" I don't care that the target audience is a small fraction of my age. This show flat-out rocks, and I love it. And so does my three-year old.

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Blogger Kasey Snow said...

I had overlooked this show before, but this art looks pretty cool and now that I know about the dinosaurs...well, maybe I'll give it a shot. :)

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to love this show. . .shame it only lasted one season.

6:23 PM  

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