Friday, October 02, 2009

The best blog you're not reading

Despite having had an English best friend for almost a decade, I only recently became acquainted with the charming expression "can't be arsed", which means "can't be bothered", as in, "This blog may be infrequently updated and have no set topic, but I can't be arsed to fix it." Which is not perfectly accurate if applied to this blog, because I don't think it needs fixing, but I couldn't be arsed to find a better example. I should warn you that the phrase has a tendency to creep and you may find yourself using it too often. I certainly do, but I can't be arsed to find another new favorite phrase just yet.

I bring this up because I haven't updated any of the links on the sidebar in, like, over a year. And the longer I let it go, the less motivation I have to update anything. There are links over there that I never actually visit any more, at least one that has been defunct for a while, and loads more sites that I actually do read but haven't linked to, because--and this time I really mean it, because no substitute captures exactly what I wish to convey--I just can't be arsed.

Exacerbating the gap between my actual and ideal blogroll is the apparently exponential growth of good stuff on teh intert00bz. If I wanted to I could literally spend all of my waking hours just keeping up with interesting blogs (I have experimental justification for this claim from a couple of days this past year). Set against the effectively infinite amount of stuff to check out is the finite amount of time I can afford to spend surfing. I could easily digress here on whether pursuing my various manias online counts as time wasted or time invested, but I've already spend three paragraphs digressing so bump that.

All of this is a very roundabout way of spiralling in on my point, which is that one blog worth checking out is Save Your Breath For Running Ponies. Although the girls occasionally cover music or Syndey or whatever, the lion's share of the posts cover recent research in paleo or zoology or evolutionary biology with...commentary? advice? who the hell knows what from Bec. If TetZoo, microecos and FUP met at a MC Hawking concert and hooked up in a drunken three-way, Running Ponies might be their premie. Reading the posts I am often reminded of a review I saw of the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that said, "This movie is not about drugs. This movie IS drugs." Equally frequently as I am laughing my ass off over there I think, "Damn, I bet most of the people I know are missing out." Hence this post. So get on over there and stand by to be amazed.

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