Monday, March 10, 2008

Aetogate news

I'm temporarily hosting Aetogate while Mike Taylor celebrates his 40th birthday with a 3-day bacchanalia. If you would like to know what Aetogate is, go here. If anything big breaks in the next 72 hours, I'm on it.

UPDATE: New blog coverage. John Fleck has a link to Bill Parker's rebuttal of Spencer Lucas's report to the DCA. Why is this important? Lucas's long defense of his actions was heralded by some in the VP community as evidence that he was innocent and that we could all put this behind us. However, Lucas's statement is at odds with the facts in many places, as Parker's rebuttal demonstrates (with abundant documentation). All of us involved in this continue to urge you to look at all of the evidence (on both sides) and draw your own conclusions.



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