Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My moon map

UPDATE, March 23: As is so often the case, an initial effort that I thought was cool at the time now looks like crap. The base image I used above was the first picture of a full moon I ever took, and I didn't realize how lousy it was until I took a better one. Also, the Apollo landing sites are all off by about 50 miles because I was just sort of eyeballing them instead of really checking their precise locations. So now, thanks to a better photo and this awesome site, I present my updated moon map (below). Obviously there are a zillion things that could be labeled here but aren't; everything shown here can be seen by the sharp-eyed on a clear night with no optical equipment other than the Mark 1 eyeball. If you want more details, I strongly recommend Cherrington's Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes ($20) and Sky & Telescope's Field Map of the Moon ($10).

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