Monday, July 17, 2006

Dr. Vector's second Web Sausage

Another random collection of cool stuff from the net.

First up, Hakan's Space Balls. Marvel at your insignificance. Hell, marvel at the sun's insignificance.

Next, for everyone who ever melted a GI Joe with a stolen cigarette lighter, here is, leading the world in melting babies and incinerating diverse objects with a homemade Archimedean convergent mirror death ray. Includes this hilarious warning:

"The sun is bright. Don't look at the sun or you will damage your eyes. Anything that focuses the sun will only make it more dangerous. The Solar Death Ray is dangerous. Don't build one. I'm surprised I haven't burnt or blinded myself yet. The fumes from molten plastic can't be good either. Don't play with fire."

Also on the same site is a tribute to the least-heralded of all forms of facial hair, the Neck Beard. Not much else to say here. But if you find your mullet fascination tapering off, this could be the next big disgusting thing.

Not quite finally, the very au currant (i.e., referenced in Entertainment Weekly) Cats That Look Like Hitler. 'Kitlers', they call 'em. I didn't find it through EW, but rather on the blog When Ducks Attack, which also had a post on funny icons that riff on Star Wars, such as these, with which I will tie off this post, this beautiful and delicous Web Sausage.

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