Monday, August 08, 2005

The Flying Spaghetti Monster replies!

Yeah, verily, I have been blessed by the saucy touch of His Noodly Appendage! This is the actual response I got from the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I have secluded myself in the stinky darkness of my underground lair to compose my reply. Stay tuned, Future Citizens, to what some people are calling the most significant meeting of the minds since Socrates and Einstein shut down a Starbucks.


Sorry for the delay in replying. I got ~1500 emails in the last couple
days. New Scientist + 2 FARKings = traffic (2million hits this week).

As to your questions, we're pretty liberal. You can do pretty much
what you want. Flimy moral standards. And every friday is a religious
holiday. We're working on incorporating as a *real* religion, and the
legal action may come shortly after. The ACLU is aware of FSM and
we've got a meeting in september.

Hey since you've got a Ph.D. would you give me an expert endorsement
for my "what the experts are saying" section of the site? Here's one
I just put up there, for example:

"As a scientist, I'd like to say that the currently accepted
scientific theory is evolution. But, some competing ideas have been
proposed, such as ID and FSMism, and discussion to include one should
include the other, as these ideas are equally valid." -- Mark
Zurbuchen, Ph.D.

If you'd be willing, I'd appreciate it very much.

-Bobby Henderson


For the unenlightened among you (i.e., Future Protein Donors), Bobby Henderson is the FSM's earthly avatar. Accord him all due respect, foo'.


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