Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two things worth reading about Obama's first year

Andrew Sullivan's take, and John Scalzi's additional thoughts. Best bit, from the Scalzi piece:

The man has monolithic, unified opposition in the Washington GOP, a fractious and fragile base in the diffuse Washington Democrats, and was handed two expensive, unpopular wars, a profoundly degraded political environment at home and abroad, and a national and global economy which were dual scorching pillars of oh shit we’re all going to die. That the man got anything substantive done, much less had what is objectively a politically remarkable first year, is impressive.

Next up: my thoughts on Avatar (finally).

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Blogger DK Fennell said...

It depends whether you compare him to truly great Presidents (FDR, TR, AL) or truly abysmal ones (GWB, JB). You could have also noted that he was disadvantaged by having as advisers many of the status-quo loving, change-adverse time servers who have contributed to the problems. But then, since he picked them, you realize that his own style is part of the reason he seems less than he could have been. I think what we've learned is that just because you follow someone in the category of James Buchanan or Herbert Hoover doesn't automatically make you an Abraham Lincoln or FD Roosevelt.

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