Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'll drink to that

Or maybe staying thirsty would be more appropriate.

My two most recent notebooks were crammed with jottings taken in South Africa, where I had examined, at first hand, certain evidence on the origin of our species. What I learned there - together with what I now knew about the Songlines - seemed to confirm the conjecture I had toyed with for so long: that Natural Selection has designed us - from the structure of our brain-cells to the structure of our big toe - for a career of seasonal journeys on foot through a blistering land of thorn-scrub or desert. If this were so; if the desert were "home"; if our instincts were forged in the desert; to survive the rigors of the desert - then it is easier to understand why greener pastures pail on us; why possessions exhaust us, and why Pascal's imaginary man found his comfortable lodgings a prison.

- Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines


Even in a palace, it is possible to live well.

- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

The things you own end up owning you.

- Tyler Durden, Fight Club



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