Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More doggerel

I used to write poems. Most of them sucked, but they made me happy. I see from the time stamp that I composed this one 13 years ago to the day. Enjoy.



The other day I fought a duel
Against a very fearsome foe
He was ugly, mean, and cruel
I finally vowed to lay him low

He had killed most everyone
In the night he'd ambush them
At the rising of the sun
It was only me and him

We met upon a plain of war
With weapons ready at our sides
He let out a mighty roar
I swore right then I'd have his hide

We fought and yelled and kicked and screamed
Neither gaining the upper hand
I beat him with a wooden beam
He shoved my face into the sand

I could not put up with this
With a cry I drew my sword
I raised it back and swung and missed
So I crowned him with my board

In return he grabbed my arm
With a wrench he tore it free
The socket gaped, he'd done me harm
Time to take him seriously

I sank my teeth into his scalp
Against his awesome might I heaved
I heard a ripping and he yalped
Of his ears he'd been relieved

His skull gleamed in the dusty air
My missing arm sprayed jets of blood
We fought and tumbled without care
Our bleeding turned the dust to mud

He ripped my leg off with his claws
I shoved my sword into his gut
Deftly hopping 'round his jaws
I kicked him soundly on the butt

At last we both began to tire
Our bodies scattered round about
The situation now quite dire
My foe grunted, then passed out

Moving swiftly, no time wasted
I grabbed needle, thread, and leather
Cut and snipped and tied and pasted
Our many pieces back together

O, what a chore to reassemble
Cutting corners where I must
'Till I finally view a-tremble
Just what I had built of us

What is this? A revelation
Who could believe what I was seeing
I beheld with no elation
The beast and I were now one being

I ponder now this quandary:
Am I him, or is he me?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Dr. Vector said...

:-) :-)

Glad you liked it. Let me say in return, with no trace of insincerity, that I am a big fan of your to-the-point comment writing.

11:51 PM  

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